SEO Hero Competition is a trap

seo hero
SEO Hero is a trap

It’s a trap !

This website is clearly the best SEO Hero Page and will with no doubt beat the Wix SEO Hero page. This will be the message on each website created to win the SEO Hero contest organized by Wix.

But the winner of this contest will be for sure Wix. Here is why :

As mentioned on the Wix SEO HERO CONTEST RULES, we must give Wix a google analytics access  :

“In addition, each Participant must (i) open, prior to February 16, 2016, accounts in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which will be associated with the Hero Website; and (ii) provide administrative rights to the Moderator’s (as defined below) email”

Why is it asked ? I think that they will study the SEO strategy of all the contestant, will analyze the strenght and weaknesses of all plateform to upgrade theirs. This kind of study on SEO costs far more than $50.000, so it is a good deal for wix.

I indeed find it quite strange that the rule implies that all the contestant must give their Google Analytics access to one of the contestant : Wix. It is like giving your football strategy before the game…

But I am fine with it

Anyway it took me 10 minutes to create this website at a cost of 5,99€ and 10 more minutes to write this message. If I finish 2nd or 3rd that will be more than 8000€ for me which would be nice.

seo hero
SEO Hero Competition website

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